Christmas Glow Hula Hoop Show

by Angie Mack

Angie and Loz have joined forces to spread Christmas joy with their glowing hula hoop extravaganza.

Short but very sweet, our duo Angie and Loz manage to manoeuvre 100 LED-lit hula hoops in 7 minutes! The Christmas Glow Hula Hoop Show is jam packed with epic hula hoop tricks, acro-balancing, sparkles, tinsel, and all the cheese and cracker trimmings of Christmas, all choreographed to a roaring soundtrack of Christmas and electro swing music.

These two swinging sirens will make even the Scrooges smile, and for even more hula hoop havoc, walkabouts and workshops can accompany the show too!

Performance Styles

  • Illuminated
  • Christmas