by Balloonatic

This wonderful balloon-art street act helps transform every event into a carnival, party atmosphere.

Decorating people with incredible hats, giant costumes and hilarious balloon toys gets everyone laughing and they will even amaze passers-by with their astonishing caricatures (made entirely from balloons).
While making the models the Balloonatics keep the crowds entertained with lots of comic interaction and banter. They also operate a unique ticket system so that the first people who arrive are guaranteed a balloon.

The Balloonatic team are endlessly creative so you can expect a choice of costumes and an array of models to choose from.  They can fit to almost any theme, will dress the part and produce the most fantastic models inspired by the event.
Inflated wonders come in all shapes and sizes, racquet, roller-skate or rugby ball, just name it.

This is an entertaining and sophisticated act that leaves a lasting impression. They are undisputedly the UK’s most extravagant balloon artists!

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme

‘All acts were good but I think Balloonatic stole the show. They are so engaging but at the same time absolutely crazy! Some of the things they create with balloons are phenomenal’

— Charlie Childs, Northampton Borough Council for the Balloonatic’s, well they get my vote every time. They were even making monkeys in trees this time, it was wonderful.

— Helen Ball, Creative Barking and Dagenham