Rockin' Robins

by Bell and Bullock

With a new born chick and an egg to hatch, Reggie and Ruby Robin are on a Quest for a Nest, and in this instance, a swinging nest!

To keep themselves as warm as possible, they break into a boogie wherever they go, propelled by Christmas magic and the greatest seasonal music (expect plenty of festive jazz and old time crooners!). They spread as much Christmas cheer as they can with their incredibly fancy footwork and joy of jiving. You may even get to join in with the actions (go on you know you want to!) of the Birdy Song or steal a cheeky kiss under the might of the giant mistletoe!

Performance Styles

  • Christmas

The Rockin’ Robins provided by Creative Arts East were a big hit. They entertained the crowd and their rendition of the “Birdie Song” brought back memories to those of us who grew up in the 70′ and 80’s.

— Brundall Home Hardware Store , Norfolk