Los Kaos

Based in the Wye Valley woodlands and managed by husband and wife team Neula & Kim, Los Kaos have been making their own particular form of magic for more than 15 years. Over this time they have had the pleasure of introducing hundreds of thousands of people to aliens, dinosaurs, polar bears, stone-age peoples, mad submariners...

Los Kaos have been privileged to perform in more weird, exotic or downright random places than we could mention. Highlights have included their mythical creatures making television shows in Montreal with Cirque Du Soleil; roping a polar bear on to the roof of one of the bio-domes at Cornwall's Eden Project and cosying up to the 26m Diplodocus in the central hall of the Natural History Museum with their own juvenile Stegosaurus. 

Los Kaos don't make any major decisions without consulting their muse, an elderly brown and white terrier named Molly. Despite her essential role in the company she is not, the accountant assures them, tax deductible. 

Performance Styles

  • Christmas
  • Shows
  • Puppetry