The Red Queen. She's fun, she's feisty and to be honest, a bit 'different'.

The Red Queen IS the Queen and she won't let you forget it! She comes from that place of dreams, moving swiftly and effortlessly amongst the crowds, making the entire world her pawns by showing off her rare and magical contact juggling skill. She's literally the heart of the party. 

This hypnotising act is perfect for character based themes such as Alice in Wonderland and other fairy-tale and Royal themed events, for those who are looking for something colourful, eye catching and completely different. 

Works well as both an ambient walkabout act as well as close-up magical interaction.


Esmerelda Spider is no ordinary Witch. She's a Witch on a mission.

She's casting a spell to spread wonder and awe to the world. Watch how she brings her magical crystal ball to life, seemingly floating in the air like a bubble and making it roll effortlessly around her hands and body, like it has a mind of its own. She will hypnotise you with her magic, leaving everyone she meets in an enchanted haze....will you believe your own eyes? 

This spellbinding walkabout act is perfect for Halloween and magical themed events. Bringing the rare and skillful art of contact juggling to a wider audience, this act will be a memorable and unique addition to any event.


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The Red Queen & Witch

by Amy Amelia Arts

Performance Styles

  • The Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Halloween Themed Act