Granny Turismo

by Granny Turismo

Listen for the screech of burning rubber. No pavement is safe. Meet the first and only shopping trolley dance display team.

When Doris, Mary or Marge arrive on their souped-up shopping trolleys with their pumping tunes, everyone takes notice. Fantastic and unique, the Grannies are loud and a force to be reckoned with. You have been warned!

This is one of the most talked about acts around. The show has universal appeal and is part walkabout, part circle show and wholly engaging. What do you call a gathering of Grannies? A gaggle, or a giggle perhaps? They come as a duo, or can assemble up to six dear old friends at one time to create a full-on 6-Granny circle show!

They can ride on most festival sites terrain with their off-road tyres. 

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Shows

Act Info

  • Perfect for Parades

They made a lot of “party” with the guests – one of the best acts I ever seen for such kind of events.
So funny and a very professional and nice team, great !!!

— Sven Lackmann, Event Solutions, Germany

‘It's one of the great acts. You were a total hit- as funny and outrageous as anything we've had in all my years’

— Stewart Collins, Henley Festival