The Pentagon is a stunning free-standing plywood installation, swathed in attention-grabbing hand drawn cartoons.

Children and adults can’t help but be drawn to the Pentagon, and get stuck in with the paint pens, to create a huge (5 metre long by 2 metre tall) piece of community artwork.  The black and white cartoon graphic is made up of fantastic creatures and tantalizes the latent artist within, so that soon, with paint pen in hand, all ages are adding their own inspired contributions.

Scott Walker creations can be tailored to your event and can include event branding or incorporate the theme of your event into the design. This is so much more than mere colouring in as contributors bring a colourful aura to this art in action.

Popular Themes in his cartoon style include Pirates, Mermaids & Seaside, Dinosaurs and Environment as well as seasonal: Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.

Special Events - Scott is always happy to create a bespoke canvas for a specific event such as a sporting events, Literacy landmark celebrations, historical etc.

Scott can also offer a 'If you go down to the Woods today' version. Inviting you to add to a 5 metre wooded wall and help bring a magic forest to life with amazing paint pens and your own imagination - This is a free artistic opportunity for all ages to create strange and wonderful fancies with super layers of colour!


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by Scott Walker

Performance Styles

  • Workshops
  • Installations

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  • Can be Tailored to any Theme

It was fantastic seeing people of all ages and backgrounds having fun and engaging with each other

— Derek Millar, Centre Director, Pyramids Shopping Centre, Birkenhead

Scott Walker really wowed

— Adam George In House Ents. Cardiff